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Looking to give yourself a fresh look with a hairstylist you can trust? Towers Hair Design will change the way you think about hair because we LIVE  hair! Whether you’re aiming for a particular look for your special event, wanting to throw in a bit of color and add some suave to your style, or just keeping up with regular haircuts and hair maintenance, our hair salon near me will set you up with a look that’s exclusively you.

Towers Hair Design is the best hair salon in Lakeland Fl. Our mission has been and always will be to match you up with the look you’re after with the proper care and attention you deserve. We strive to exceed your expectations every time.

Experience our passion in making you look and feel your very best… Towers Hair Design’s best. You deserve it!


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It’s important to get your haircut done regularly to keep your personal style fresh and modern. Even if you are trying to grow it out, we still recommend that you at least get it trimmed with regular visits to your personal stylist. Frequent haircuts and maintenance will ensure your hair stays hydrated, healthy and strong while preventing unnecessary damage.

So avoid those nasty split ends and breakages. Instead, keep up on your hair care with one of Towers Hair Design’s professional hair stylists. You know what look you want, and we know the best techniques and methods to get you there. We’ll keep your hair hydrated, split-end-free and healthy with frequent haircuts and color treatments.

Towers Hair Design in Lakeland is the only hair salon that you can trust with your hair. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment.


Look Younger and Feel Sexier with Towers Hair Design’s Unique Colors and Hair Styles


Our stylists and hairdressers can give you the color and style you want for your hair. We’re hair color experts and use only the highest-quality formulas for our colors. Our color hairdressers are all highly-skilled in applying single process, double process, highlights, lowlights, corrective coloring and whatever else you may need to give your hair that natural and beautiful look. The products we use are gentle on your hair and will give you better and longer lasting results compared to products used by other hair salons in lakeland fl.

Our color services are exclusive and one of a kind. You won’t find any other hair salon near me in Lakeland thats better.


Towers Hair Design in Lakeland is the only hair salon that you can trust with your hair. Give us a call today at (863) 940-2822 or schedule an appointment here. You will be glad you did.