Mullets are really hot right now and are coming back in style.

The Mullet is back baby!

The Mullet is back baby!

The Mullet is all business in the front, but full-blown party in the back

The Mullet is back baby!


Lakeland, FL. – Hairstylist and owner of Towers Hair Design in Lakeland, Deena Herbert says she’s cutting more mullets.

“The mullets are really hot right now. All the high school kids are getting them.” Herbert says. “We are getting calls every day.”

Herbert and her staff are seeing an uptick in mullet requests from all clientele however most stylists report that it’s the high school athletes going for the cut.

Herbert says, “Not only are they asking for the mullet, but some young men are perming the back” adding their own style and creativity to the cut.

Although the mullet was popularized in the 80’s. They style has been around for centuries. The history channel states that the hairstyle has roots dating back to Benjamin Franklin and all the way to the Greek poet Homer – in The Iliad.

Herbert says after doing hair for over 30 years she sees most styles come full circle however this one seems to have a little more excitement than more recent ones.

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