Mullets are really hot right now and are coming back in style.

The Mullet is back baby!

The Mullet is all business in the front, but full-blown party in the back

The Mullet is back baby!


Lakeland, FL. – Hairstylist and owner of Towers Hair Design in Lakeland, Deena Herbert says she’s cutting more mullets.

“The mullets are really hot right now. All the high school kids are getting them.” Herbert says. “We are getting calls every day.”

Herbert and her staff are seeing an uptick in mullet requests from all clientele however most stylists report that it’s the high school athletes going for the cut.

Herbert says, “Not only are they asking for the mullet, but some young men are perming the back” adding their own style and creativity to the cut.

Although the mullet was popularized in the 80’s. They style has been around for centuries. The history channel states that the hairstyle has roots dating back to Benjamin Franklin and all the way to the Greek poet Homer – in The Iliad.

Herbert says after doing hair for over 30 years she sees most styles come full circle however this one seems to have a little more excitement than more recent ones.

What’s the Difference Between Ombre and Balayage Hair Styles?

Chances are if you are new to coloring your hair, then you’re probably looking at the color services at your salon and wondering, “What the heck is an ombre or balayage?” It gets even more confusing when you look in the stylebook and see what almost seems like the same thing.

However, these styles aren’t the same. And knowing the difference between them will help you not only tell your stylist exactly what you want, but also give you an idea of how high-maintenance the style is and what it does to your hair.

So, What’s an Ombre?


Ombre is the French word for “shaded” or “shading.” In other words, ombre is a style that shades your hair by keeping it dark near the roots and progressively getting lighter as it goes towards your tips. When done right, you won’t find any traces of your dark hair tone at the ends of your hair. It’s a complete and smooth transition from your natural hair color! The best part…you can control how subtle or striking your ombre is just by determining how light you want your hair to go.

This look is best for darker hair colors. However, it can be applied to short and long hair (which unfortunately isn’t the case for the balayage). The style often requires bleaching your hair and needs the standard maintenance of most colored styles once complete. However, you’ll only have to worry about getting touch ups every now and again to keep your Ombre looking smooth and natural!

Okay, So How is a Balayage Different from an Ombre?


One tip you hear floating around is that a balayage is the “technique” while the ombre is the “style.” This is because balayage is the French word meaning “sweeping.” For a balayage, your stylist will be literally sweeping color directly onto your hair.

It’s a precise technique that leaves your hair appearing sun-kissed when finished. Another difference is that it doesn’t go through a complete shading transition like the ombre and leaves areas where your natural dark hair tone is intact.

This highly trending hairstyle usually needs a few treatments before it is complete, but once it is, the look will last as long as you need it to. This style isn’t ideal for really short hair, but it’s perfect for people trying to cover up gray hairs!

For a Successful Ombre or Balayage, Let the Professionals at Towers Hair Design in Lakeland Handle It!

Both of these styles look amazing and require a lot of technique and practice. Our stylists definitely recommend not trying to achieve this look on your own as you could easily damage your hair and come out with one of the worst hair days of your life.

So if you’re desperate to get your very own ombre or balayage, contact one of our top stylists today at Towers Hair Design. We’re highly experienced in both of these styles!

Introducing Tower Hair Design in Lakeland, Florida. . . The Hottest and Trendiest Stylists Near Tampa

No, but seriously, we know what we’re doing.

Settled in Lakeland Florida, you’ll find our upbeat and cozy salon. Our talented crew is always ready to meet new clients from all walks of life and give them the hairdo of their dreams. So take a moment to read up and get to know us, and we hope we’ll get the chance to return the favor!

Who is Towers Hair Design?

We’re not a jack of all trades day spa. You won’t find our stylists painting your nails, giving massages, or moisturizing your face with an exotic face mask. We’re more of niche specialists. But that just makes us all the more better and focused on what we actually do best—haircuts, styling, and EVERYTHING involving hair color.

You’ll feel like you’re being pampered and cared for when you see how amazing you come out compared to when you first walked through our doors. Our top stylists have studied and mastered all the classic and latest styles. We have something for women, men, children and seniors. If you’re looking for a little off the top, a blowout, hair maintenance, something special for a formal event, or some sexy color to show off the new you, we can do it all!

Just check out some of the services we offer:

  • Haircuts
  • Color correction and management
  • Highlights & lowlights
  • Ombre & balayage
  • Straightening & curling
  • Conditioning treatments
  • Waxing for eyebrows, lips and chin

Get to Know Some of Our Professional Stylists

Unlike some other salons in the area, our stylists work to provide you with a holistic service in haircuts, color and styling. They’re motivated to learn more about who you are as a person so that they can create the perfect hairdo that represents you.

The first part of every appointment is about relationship building with our clients. We want to know what you’re looking for, what your concerns are, and what drives you in life. We want to build a look that is totally and uniquely you at that moment or for the week ahead.

Just look at what our stylists have to say about their favorite things to do on the job:

“I just love meeting new people and dreaming up different color ideas.” –Paige, Inspired Color Artisan and Stylist

“My favorite part of doing people’s hair is the challenge of new and creative hairstyles. No two hairstyles end up looking the same!”–Deena, High Shear Shaman and Stylist

Getting Tired of Your Old Stylist? Looking To Try Something New? Call Towers Hair Design Today!

As you can probably see, we like to have fun and keep the energy pumping. Plus, we are professionals at what we do. So, come check us out or call for a free client consultation to see if we’re the right salon for you. We look forward to seeing you soon!