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Change Up Your Style with the Best Hairdressers in Lakeland, FL!


It’s not always easy finding a talented and reliable hairdresser in Lakeland, Florida—let alone in all of Tampa. Thankfully, Towers Hair Design is here to help you establish a look that’s uniquely you.

We’ll give you cuts and styles that’ll refresh your spirit and make you feel sexy and alive. Put your faith in our experienced stylists.

With Towers Hair Design around, there’s no need for you or your hair to continue suffering at the hands of other second-rate services out there. Come to us for our full array of haircut and styling salon services.


Embrace Haircuts and Styles that Bring Out the Best in You


Never again stress about cutting or styling your own hair. It just takes way too much time to do it all on your own and chances are that it won’t turn out as you expect it. Curls will fall flat, straight and smooth hair will start to frizz or you might accidentally take a little too much off the top!

Let the professional stylists at Towers Hair Design do all the work for you. We take the hassle out of styling whether you’re coming in for a simple everyday look or an elegant updo for a special occasion. Our styling services range from curling, straightening, formal and special event styling. We even offer styling and maintenance for wigs!

We’ll give you the perfect hairstyle you’ve been striving for. Our haircuts and styling services are ideal for men, women, children and seniors. So just sit back, relax and leave the work to us. Call us today @ (863) 940-2822 or make an appointment  today!